Still unsure where to leave your pets when you go on holiday? Have a look at the reviews and feedback we receive from our happy customers. If you'd like to leave a review you can do so through Google

"Alida's have been looking after our family pets for a decade or more. I had to travel for work recently and one of the two dogs needed some TLC. They took care of her and helped treat her allergies. Love the whole team. Thank you." - Miles

"Our little girl is always happy to see the Staff and the Staff always happy to see her. The bath and nail clip service is great. Five paws" - Steven Lauderdale

"Highly recommend this place! Have used multiple times with dogs and cats. Never had any issues or bad experiences, and always feel completely at ease with letting them babysit our loved ones" - Michael Gleeson | Facebook Review

"Very happy to pick up my cat, Mr Zazzlez, today after his first week at Alida's. He was very well looked after and his fur was beautiful! I received a very friendly welcome and Tracy even encouraged us to go with her to the cattery to collect him ourselves. I love their transparency. Great work Alida's, we'll be back." - Vikki LordFacebook Review

"Thanks for taking such good care of Molly whenever I travel. She always comes home so relaxed and happy after staying with you and is always eager to return to you as well. She knows when we are getting close as soon as we reach the cane fields!" - Heidi Stepanoff | Facebook Review

"So our baby Phoenix had a holiday here ! Of course we were nervous as first time away and he is a Frenchbull dog and never leaves our site ! But this place was great compared to to some of other places we checked out! They were so accomodating with our needs and pictures updates! Great pens and outdoor area for exercise! Phoenix made good friends! I think he is going to miss ! Thank you for looking after our baby we will be back! Quinn family." - Michelle Quinn | Facebook Review

“Love bringing my cat here to the resort for our holidays... only place I will take her... the workers are very friendly and easy to get along with.” - Laura

“We always use Alida’s for our fur babies. They love going there, they can't wait to get out of the car! They always come home happy & healthy.” - Suellen

We are so grateful to Alida's. Our fur babies have been holidaying there for nearly 10 years and have always been well cared for! One of our Sharpie’s is quite an anxious boy and is now completely blind, the team at Alida’s are fantastic with him and I have 100% peace of mind whenever he is there, thank you.” - Jo

“My dog Sarge had such a fun time at Alida's. He was very happy when we collected him and he even found a girlfriend whilst he was there. Thank you Tracy for the gorgeous photos of Sarge on your website. It's comforting to know that he is being taken care of so well when we go away.” - Natalie

"My furbabies young & old, always love Alida's!" - Christine

Alida's is fantastic... We used them regularly 10 years ago when we lived on the Gold Coast... and we used them again recently even though we live 4hrs away! The caring attitude of Alida's staff has not changed over the years... Our new puppies (the hooligans) had a happy holiday & so did we!!" - Tina

"Just picked up our 2 dogs. They looked fantastic and happy. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and accommodating them for an extra night when we couldn't get back from Fraser Island." - Belinda

"We love Alida's. Caring staff and rural atmosphere for our dogs :D" - Katrina

“We have taken our dog here a few times and he has always come back very happy. He always seems to have had such a fun time being here. He doesn't do well on his own, so they put same temperament dogs with him which makes the experience even better. I love having this place and knowing that he is in a safe and fun environment. On long stays they even provide a free bath so he smells great when we pick him up. We feed him high quality food and I can tell they continue to provide high quality food as well because his coat is the same (soft and shiny) and his eyes look bright and free of discharge. I will say that our cats did not have as good of an experience there. But they are cats...they don't ever like leaving their house no matter where we take them.” - Katy

“We have used Alidas twice now and are very happy. Thank you!!!! Our pet Joey always comes home looking healthy and happy and looks and smells immaculate. Next time we will be dropping our pup there. We look forward to seeing you again :-))))” - Charlotte

“I have been using Alida’s for many years now and can only sing their praises. My dog has always loved visiting, he loves the staff. We have always been more than happy with the level of care and service.” - Doris

If you'd like your pet to enjoy more room, more exercise and more care while you're on holiday you can make a reservation online or call us on 07 5546 2275.