Dog Boarding Kennel

We boast some of the largest kennel & cat enclosures in our area. Free of insects and pests. Cool in summer - warm in winter.

Happy Dog Boarding GuestsAlida’s Pet Resort is family owned and operating dog boarding facility located in Alberton, in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have a powerful ventilation system providing fresh air every three minutes, greatly reducing the chance of viral cross-contamination. We provide plenty of indoor protection from the elements when those South East Qld storms brew overhead. Our double insulated building ensures plenty of protection from both the heat and the cold.

Each dog is provided with their own comfy stretcher bed, which includes a warm blanket & Doona in the colder months.

Every morning we light up the BBQ and cook up a batch of Chicken & Roo mince. This is served along with top quality dry food. Presently we are serving Royal Canin. Alternatively, for those watching their weight, we serve Chicken & Rice Loaf along with Royal Canin.

Dogs eating habits are monitored on a daily basis and menus are adjusted accordingly. Should your dog be on a special diet, please bring it along and we will gladly serve it to your dog. Puppies under 9 months old are fed twice daily. All meals are included in your daily rate.

Come rain or shine (Cyclonic or similar conditions excluded) it is a guaranteed policy at Alida’s that every dog enjoys a twice-daily romp, with handler supervision, in one of our 6 fully fenced large grassed and tree scattered exercise areas. If your dog is sociable he/she will get a friend to play with which makes going outside a barrel of fun.

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