Catablanca Cat Boarding

White cat stretching in cattery

Located halfway in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our cat boarding facilities are second to none.

Our cat suites are spacious and well ventilated, each having great elevated views of the surrounding grounds, activity and associated birdlife, with plenty of room to jump around and keep active.

Our standard suites are light, airy, comfortable and large enough to accommodate a two cat family. Each cat has its own comfy bed on its own window deck, with plenty of warm sunshine for those lazy afternoon naps. We also offer larger accommodation for our feline guests on an extended stay.

Ginger cat waking up in bed in cattery

All cats receive human contact daily, enjoying cuddle times with one of our handlers.

The Cattery is fitted with a commercial grade air extraction system. This extraction system allows the air to be refreshed every few minutes, providing a constant supply of fresh and healthy air.

Meal Time

Wet food is served to all cats first thing in the morning.  In the afternoon each cat receives a serve of Royal Canin Sensible dry cat food. This is a top quality food enjoyed by 99% of all cats. Should your cat be on a special diet, please bring it along and we will gladly serve it to your cat.  All meals are included in your daily rate.

View a gallery of past guests at our cat boarding facility.

To arrange for your cat or kitten to stay with us at our cat boarding facility at Alberton (conveniently located in between the Gold Coast and Brisbane Airports), Catablanca, please make an online reservation