Puppy Palace

Puppy Boarding Kennel in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast

The Puppy Palace was designed for the ease of handling and contentment of small dogs.

Puppy Palace dogs are taken out for exercise at least 3 times per day with handler supervision, via a secure ramp system, therefore eliminating the need for leads. The building design also allows for separation during feeding times.

Every morning we light up the BBQ and cook up a batch of Chicken & Roo mince. This is served along with top quality dry food. Presently we are serving Royal Canin. Alternatively, for those watching their weight, we serve Chicken and Rice Loaf along with Royal Canin. Dogs eating habits are monitored on a daily basis and menus are adjusted accordingly.

Should your dog be on a special diet, please bring it along and we will gladly serve it to your pup. Puppies under 9 months old are fed twice daily. All meals are included in your daily rate.

The Puppy Palace is fully air conditioned (cool in summer, warm in winter) and is completely insulated as are all of our buildings. Each building is fitted with a commercial grade air extraction system which allows the air to be refreshed every few minutes, providing a constant supply of fresh, healthy air.

Each dog is provided with their own comfy stretcher bed, which includes a warm blanket a cuddly doona in the colder months. Look at our recent Guests Album to see some of the happy pups that have stayed with us.

Alida's Pet Resort is located in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Alberton. View our rates or to book in your pup or small pooch contact us for more information or fill out our reservation form.

Alternatively, if you have a larger pet please view our dog boarding facilities.