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Started in 1995, Alida’s Pet Resort is a family owned and operating dog boarding and cattery facility located in Alberton. At Alida’s, we pride ourselves in our concern for the care and comfort of your pet. This is why we have clients who return year after year. Read our reviews.


We welcome inspections of our facility without the need to make an appointment. But, we do ask  that you call between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and exclude the busy periods of Easter and Christmas.

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Pet Boarding Kennel

Our building has been designed with temperature control as the main goal. This design is also perfect for noise control with two ceilings each sandwiching 75mm thick insulation. The block masonry walls are concrete filled. The roof has an extra wide overhang. Our windows are double glazed with a 100mm air gap to ensure the right temperature. That is how our kennels stays cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Our enclosures have large size runs to allow your pet to maintain its muscular condition. Some dogs can get stressed and/or excited when in their runs. At Alida’s, you will notice the calm and relaxed disposition of the dogs when in their runs. There is no snarling or intimidation, each dog is the master of his or her own space.

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