What to Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility on the Gold Coast

What To Look For In A Pet Boarding Facility

Summer is almost here and it’s time to take that hard-earned break and enjoy a holiday with your family. For many pet owners, it’s also that heartbreaking but inevitable time to leave their pets with someone else for a while. If you’re struggling to make the decision about who to entrust your pet with, we’re here to help!

Two of the most obvious options are leaving your pet with a friend or relative, or hiring a pet sitter. But as a loving owner, we know that you want more professional care and the best treatment for your pet while you are not around. Pet boarding facilities are a better option and we are here to provide you with a helpful guide on how to pick the right pet boarding facility.

Here are the things that you should look for when visiting different pet boarding facilities.

1. Exercise Time/Group Play

Our pets benefit both physically and mentally from play and exercise. A good pet boarding facility knows this. Playing will also help your pet from the possible separation anxiety that it will experience while you are away. So when looking for a place to leave your pet, go see if there is plenty of space and a schedule for walks or play time. Moreover, check if the play area is safe and secure enough for your pet.

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2. Meals

Despite having their favourite food, your pet can suddenly become more choosy about what it eats given the changes in its routine or environment. And because you’re not there to make the best dietary choices for them, it’s important to pick a facility that serves quality and nutritious food. It’s even better if the facility can adjust its menu based on your pet’s needs! At Alida's, we serve quality food from Royal Canin

3. Medical emergencies

One of the worst nightmares of a fur parent is finding out that their beloved pet needs medical attention while away from them. Make sure to choose a pet boarding facility that is equipped to handle medical emergencies and can easily take your pet to the vet if needed.

4. Vaccination Requirements

Upon visiting, you have to ask for the health regulation of the facility. Not all facilities have the same paper requirements; some only allow vaccination certificates, and others are more strict and may require more medical proof. You can find more information about what's required at Alida's in Vaccinations & Tick Prevention.

5. Accommodation

A good boarding facility can provide for all the needs of your pet. A well-organised pet care routine should be one of your standards in choosing the best pet boarding facility to cater needs of your pet while you are away. Check where your fur-baby will be housed. Is it ideal for the size of your pet? You may also ask questions about the schedule for the meal, exercise, and potty breaks. At Alida's, we have accommodation options for dogs, cats and puppies, with comfortable and safe facilities that will cater to your pet's needs.   


6. Qualifications

Only put your trust in an experienced and accredited pet boarding facility with well trained and licensed employees. Make sure that whichever dog boarding kennel or cattery you choose, it displays its license certificate or permit from your local council to show that it has met the mandatory requirements.

7. Price

Pet boarding facilities have varying rates for boarding but don’t make the mistake of going for the cheapest offer without looking at the inclusions or you’ll get disappointed. Make sure to ask for the price and the services it includes. Ask in particular if the boarding fee will cover your pet’s immediate requirements like administering medication or providing its unique dietary needs.

Also, ask if there will be an extra charge for pick-up and drop-off as well as overstaying for a few hours. If you intend to board your pet long-term, see if you can bargain a better deal or ask for a discount. See to it that you are satisfied with what you’re getting back for the boarding fee you’ll be paying before signing the boarding contract.

8. Visit

Another thing you should look for in a pet boarding facility is a site visit. It’s important that you can make an ocular inspection of the facility to check if it’s satisfactory in terms of cleanliness, ventilation, and lighting. You might also want to see the overall look and smell of the facility as these will tell how well the whole facility is kept.

Lastly, check that there’s good security around the facility. Are there fences and enclosures installed to prevent the pets from running away? Also, see if there are security cameras for the extra safety of the pets.

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Board Your Pet at Alida’s Pet Resort

Now that you know what to look for in a pet boarding facility, you can find the best place to leave your pet and enjoy your vacation without worrying. If you’re looking for a great pet boarding facility near the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Alida’s Pet Resort is the perfect place for your fur-baby to settle.

We have all the qualities in a pet boarding facility that you are looking for: Clean spaces, huge playing areas, quality meals, and best accommodation facilities at an affordable price. Visit our FAQ page for any other query.

Contact our experts at Alida’s Pet Resort at 07-5546-2275 to book a reservation for boarding your pet before going on a holiday.