Going on Holiday? Tips for Leaving Your Dog Behind

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Behind

Being a part of the family, naturally you want your dog to be with you wherever you go. However, this is not always possible. As heart breaking as it is, sometimes you have to leave your dog behind when going on a trip.

While you’re off to new adventures, the best thing you can do before leaving is to make your dog feels safe and comfortable. Whether you plan on enjoying a month-long holiday or just a weekend at the beach, these tips for leaving your dog behind will ensure that both of you will have a fantastic experience, even when apart.

It’s OK Not to Bring Along Your Dog

The first thing you must remember is that it’s okay not to bring along your dog. So, squash any feelings of guilt. Sure, your dog will miss you but they won’t forget you! And don’t worry, they won’t exactly be moping around while you’re gone -- as long as your dog is safe, being cared for and gets plenty of play time, you pup will actually be (gasp!) happy. Come rain or shine (cyclonic excluded) it is guaranteed at Alida’s that every dog enjoys a twice daily romp.

Check out our puppy gallery to view some of our dogs on holiday.

We know, it’s every dog owner’s dream to have their furry best friend tag along with them on a holiday however, it is rarely the ideal situation. For one, some dogs don’t like traveling. Also, many hotels and restaurants prohibit guests from bringing pets.

It also takes effort to care for your dog and make it comfortable during the trip, which will keep you from enjoying your holiday fully. Not exactly, what you imagined, right?

Find the Best Care for Your Dog

Alida's groundsWhen going away, the only thing that can give you peace about leaving your dog behind is finding the best care possible for it while you’re gone. You’d want someone to make sure the dog gets fed on time, supervise playtime, and ensure that they stay out of harm’s way.

The great news is, at Alida’s we offer this service. Every morning we light up the BBQ and cook up a batch of chicken and roo mince. This is served along with top quality dry food from Royal Canin

When choosing a facility for your dog, your primary concern should be the safety and care it can receive. Take into consideration the number of dogs already on board. As much as possible, pick a place where your dog will get a good amount of attention from the care providers.

You should also consider the facilities for keeping your dog safe. Find a place where there’s are strict security measures implemented to make sure that your will neither be harmed nor stolen.

The Best Boarding Options for Your Dog

You have several options for leaving your dog behind when going on holiday. The first is boarding the dog with your local veterinarian. This is best done if your dog requires medical attention or close monitoring. If it doesn’t need either, then skip to the next options because leaving your healthy dog with sick animals is not the best idea.

The next option is to find a pet sitter so you can leave your dog at home. As much as possible, find a person who you know well and trust to look after your home and pet while you’re away. With this, your dogs will be in good hands and your home will be secured. You can choose to hire a professional sitter to do this but it would be quite costly.

Your alternative would be to send your dog to the sitter’s home. This option is less expensive but your dog will still get to stay in a home environment. It’s also a great choice if your dog is well-socialised and not averse to other people. But if you have a nervous dog that doesn’t mingle well with other people, then it’s better to find another option.

Now you’re left with this final option: leaving your dog at a boarding kennel. In Australia, kennels are safe, clean, and spacious. These places also offer complete services to make sure that your dog is taken care of. Kennels also offer other services like a dog spa, rustic retreat, and daily playtime for well-socialised dogs.

At Alida’s, we welcome inspections of our facility without the need to make an appointment. However, we do ask that you call in between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and exclude the busy periods of Easter, Christmas and New Year.

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Prepare Your Dog in Advance

Once you’ve decided where to board your dog while you’re away, make sure to cover the basic preparations so your dog for his or her own holiday.

  1. Whether you have a puppy or a grown dog, ensure that their vaccines and other medications are up to date. This will help protect your dog and the dogs he will be staying with at the kennel.
  2. Crate train your dog -- or at least, introduce them to a crate. The goal is to have your dog realise that a crate is not scary. Most dog boarding facilities have their guests sleeping in crates. This is not cruel. As a matter of fact, crates can help them feel secure and relaxed, especially when introduced properly. The sooner your dog becomes comfortable in a crate, the quicker they will adjust to being boarded.
  3. Train your dog to socialise with people and other dogs. If it’s not something you’re doing yet, bring your dog to the park or let your friends and other family members walk the dog every morning prior to your trip. Once your dog gets used to the presence of other persons or pets, you’ll have less to worry about it while on your holiday.

Pack the Essentials for Your Dog

Think of it as sending your dog on a long trip -- pack all the things it will need. These include the dog’s food and water bowls, leash, crate or bed, bones and toys, food and treats, grooming tools, and medications.

You should also prepare the dog’s daily schedule, vaccination record, and medication instructions to be given to the sitter or kennel personnel. With all these at the ready, you can rest assured that your dog has all the essentials when your away.

Leave Your Dog at Alida’s Pet Resort

When you find the best place for your dog to stay while you’re away, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday!

Alida’s Pet Resort is a dog boarding kennel with professionally trained staff that can provide your dog with the care and attention that it deserves. The entire facility is designed to keep its precious guests safe and comfortable.

Nestled in a lush green area between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we have ample of space for the dogs to socialise, play, or just lounge in under the sun. We can be your dog’s home away from home!

At Alida’s Pet Resort, you can trust that your dog will be safe, healthy, and comfortable while you are enjoying a holiday with your family. Check out our affordable daily rates and make a booking.

Call Alida’s Pet Resort on 07 5546 2275 or contact us online for all enquiries about our services and facilities.